Prism (n.): used for dispersing light into a spectrum or for reflecting rays of light. A safe inclusive space for LGBTQ folks ages 18-26!

Prism is the first program of the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte. We are a group for LGBTQ adults ages 18-26, and we meet every Monday at 5:30 to talk about anything and everything! We do activism and have guest speakers! Join us!

Come out (wink), and bring your friends. :) General Information Every Monday night at The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte you can join Prism, our discussion group for our LGBTQ and straight allies ages 18-26!

The Center opens at 5p.m. and members are encouraged to come early and hang out before the discussion group. We generally gather around 5:30, and discussion runs from 6 until 7:30. Topics include activism, current events, practical life stuff, and we sometimes bring in guest speakers! Join us and bring your friends!


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